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About Me

Malori Monroe is a singer/songwriter and worship leader from Las Vegas, Nevada, who is “blessed beyond reason” to be used to write and sing songs for God. Her one true desire is to be a voice for hurting hearts and reflect His hope through music.


All things work together…

If there is anything that Las Vegas-based worship leader and singer/songwriter Malori Monroe knows, it’s that God’s story is always surprising. Growing up in church, Malori often wondered if she would ever be used by the Lord. In spite of a severe panic and anxiety disorder, she spent her childhood and teenage years writing, performing and recording country music, and lived in Nashville working on her craft. But after her father fell terminally ill and she moved back to her hometown to be closer to him, a different calling became apparent in her life: the sudden desire to finally, after twenty-four years, sing for God and only for God. This leading came at no better moment—just in time for her father to see her lead church worship before he passed away.

While Malori continued to lead worship during this time, the original lyrics and melodies were hard to hear for awhile. The grief and reprised anxiety that she had tried so desperately to mask were frequently debilitating. She often wondered during this time if she would ever fully heal and if God could continue to use a broken person. And then one day, following a three-year hiatus from songwriting, Malori finally sat down at her piano and began pouring her heart out in thankfulness…with words that could have never been there without the pain.

“That whole thing about God never giving us more than what we can handle: that’s just not what it’s about,” she says. “It’s about us relying on Him because it IS more than we can handle. And ultimately, it’s about every single thing we encounter not just happening for our growth, but more importantly, for a testimony that could lead others to Him”.

In May of 2018, Malori returned to Nashville and the studio team she had come to know and love, ultimately releasing “Stand in Awe”, a four track EP of recognition, reliance, and healing through God and only God. Awestruck by the reception of “the Lord’s lyrics”, she prayed for the opportunity to continue to be a vessel through worship music; shortly after “Amazing One” was born.

All things work together, even when we cannot see. Malori’s one true desire is to be a voice and a light for the hurting, reflecting His hope through music as long as He will allow her to do so.

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